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One of the most sought after music teachers in the UK.

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Achieved a number of music awards

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About Mamta

  One of the most sought after music teachers in the UK, Mamta Sharma has spent the past 25 years dedicated to teaching Indian classical and contemporary music to students in India and the UK. Mamta’s early career began in vocal music and then sitar.

She completed her Master of Arts degree in Indian Classical Music at Kurukshetra University where she was taught by Ms Indarni Chakrawati, student of Pundit Devavrata Chaudhuri. During Mamta’s studies, she frequently performed at local radio stations and has continued her broaden her education by attending seminars taught by Buddaadev Dasgupta, Shaid Parvez and Purbayan Chatterjee in London, her music role models and gurus on the Indian classical music scene. Mamta has always strongly believed that learning from a great artist will motivate students.

Born in Burma but brought up in India. Mamta is now settled down in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire in the UK and works for Luton Borough Council’s Music Service and Aylesbury Music Centre. She has sitar students in several local schools, many of whom go on to study music for secondary school, GCSEs and A levels.

She has written her own music level books for sitar in Western and Indian theme tunes, which she believes makes learning more interesting for pupils. Recently, Mamta helped one of her sitar pupils, Corienna Barker, achieve a number of music awards, scholarships and grant from the BBC to buy her own sitar.

Throughout her career, Mamta has encouraged her students to excel and perform in several concerts at local and charity events as well as national competitions.


Her teaching and dedication have been recognised as outstanding by parents, schools and music services. She has popularised the multi string sitar in the community to such an extent that her pupils include white and black as well as Asian children.

Mamta’s latest goal is to convert traditional Indian Ragas from Indian notation into Western sheet music and fuse traditional Indian music with the force of a symphony orchestra.

Mamta is married to a well known Indian singer, Rajeev Sharma an engineer, and has two sons who are both talented musicians and performers.